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The site is owned by “ES management company investigations Raz” (the “Ministry Raz investigations”).

Use of this website and its contents are subject to regulations for use of the website (the “Terms of Use”). It is clarified that the Ministry Raz investigations reserves the right to update the Terms of Use from time to time at its sole discretion and without having to give any notice. In case of change in the regulations, apply the change to all users automatically.

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Provisions of these regulations shall apply to any use made by you on the site and any purchase by you occur via the website, thus you will have to / read the rules fully and carefully. In case of discrepancy and / or inconsistency between these regulations and any other publication on the site, any kind of these regulations shall prevail and they will decide.

Use of the masculine is done for convenience only and provisions of these regulations refer to both men and women.



The photos displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not require the Ministry Raz investigations.

Products presented on the site are just some Mmotzrimanmcrim the Idimsrd Raz investigations from time to time and not commit the Ministry Raz investigations, in any way, to hold stock and / or a variety of products on the website. No site offering to sell a particular product to be any liability as to the existence of this product in stock and / or the possibility of its future sale.

Ministry Raz investigations may change at any time and in its sole discretion and without any prior notice, any of the products offered on the site, replace them or remove them from the site.


Product prices

All product prices are denominated in NIS website and include VAT law and do not include the price of shipping, which is listed separately on the site.

Raz Investigations Department reserves the right to change product prices, according to the sole discretion and without any need for prior notice.


Booking and payment site

You can make a reservation on the website, only if you are 18 (eighteen) years or older or a corporation incorporated under the law in Israel, who legally valid credit card that you are entitled to under the law to conduct transactions through the Internet and your email address is active.

Booking site is conditional agreement which takes effect and binding on the parties only after receiving approval from the Ministry of Raz investigations by PayPal for the transaction in the name of the customer.

Payment is done through PayPal site. PayPal is a world leader in online payment solutions, enabling each person who owns Address E – mail pay online convenient and safe.

Payment via PayPal account does not cost money and there is no charge for making a payment.

You can pay with PayPal by credit card companies Visa and MasterCard have 16 digits, including local cards.


Delivery of products

All products of the Ministry Raz investigations carefully checked and packed in their original packaging before shipping.

Delivery of the goods to the customer, will be within 7 business days after confirmation of purchase by PayPal .

Ministry Raz Hakirotiash best to stay ahead of the delivery time.

If factors and / or events that are not controlled by the Ministry of Raz investigations delay and / or prevent the delivery of the products presented on the site, of any kind, in whole or in part and in any manner and / or the delivery of products released on the dates set and / or harm troubleshooting computer and / or phone systems and / or any other communication in completing the acquisition process and / or due to hostile actions and / or causes of force majeure shall avoid and / or harm the process of purchasing products, then the office will not be any liability investigations Raz any damage incurred by the customer or a third party, and the customer shall have no cause and / or claim against the Ministry of Raz investigations in respect of that except his entitlement to the amounts paid by him, if paid.

The product will be shipped to the customer using one of the three options presented on the site: registered mail, personal mission (products come to you with the courier to the home), or by Pickup office.

Pickup customer delivery office will Raz investigations, 45 Rothschild Street, Rishon Le Zion Canyon Rothschild office floor 3 (of 3), by appointment.

The shipping cost is not included in the product and it will be added to the total price of the products listed at the time of purchase when making a purchase.


Stock shortages

Raz Investigations Department is doing its best to ensure that the products displayed on the website will be possessed and / or possession of suppliers, so that he could give them to the buyer at the time.

However, there may be a situation where after the sale procedure, it turns out that the product of stock in the store or stock of the supplier.

In this case, Raz Investigations Office will send a message that using e-mail client or notify him by telephone and the client shall have the right to order a replacement product or cancel the invitation.

In case of cancellation by the customer, all the money will be refunded, if paid.

Canceled the sale, shall not be office Raz investigations no responsibility for any damage incurred by the customer or a third party, and the client shall have no cause of action and / or claim against the Ministry of Raz investigations for the cancellation of the order.


Return Policy and Cancellation Transaction

Accordance with the Consumer Protection Act – 1981, will be entitled to cancel the deal in writing – from the transaction until fourteen days of receipt of product or confirmation of receipt, whichever is later.

A. Cancellation of the transaction can be done by fax to number: 03-9566061 or e-mail to:
In. You canceled the deal due to product defect or due to mismatch between order the product or due to non-supply of the product time prescribed by the order, you will return Raz Investigations Department within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice, that part of the purchase price paid by you, will eliminate charging you Due to the transaction and shall provide a copy notice of cancellation charge as stated and not charge you any cancellation fees.
C. You have to deal not for the reasons specified in subsection (c), will return to you office Raz investigations within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice, that part of the purchase price paid by you, will eliminate charging you because of the transaction and shall provide a copy notice of cancellation charge as stated and no charge you any amount other than the cancellation fee of 5% of the purchase price or NIS 100, whichever is lower.
Wednesday. Did you get your product to you, please return to the office Raz investigations 45 Rothschild Street, Rishon Le Zion Canyon Rothschild office floor 3 (of 3) or send it by registered mail to: PO Box 11, of Rishon Lezion 7,510,001.
The. Your responsibility to take care that the product will reach the office Raz investigations, complete and right. You will be responsible for any damage to the product due to careless packing and / or damage to the product when the product would have.


Product warranty

Products Liability is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 1981 and in accordance with the terms of these regulations.
Full responsibility for product defects.
No responsibility fracture or scratches.



Raz Investigations Department reserves the right to update the prices of the products on the site from time to time. These updates require intensive human labor versus management interface on the computer. Was human error was bona fide, such as typing error, omission book, etc., Raz Hakirotaino Ministry undertakes to provide these products.

If doubts arise about a particular product price, immediately contact the office at tel 03-9566060 or e-mail at:



Privacy buyer office Raz important investigations and it is taking all measures at its disposal to ensure that the process of acquisition will be sure that the information provided will be confidential during. However, it is clarified that the Ministry Raz investigations can not guarantee absolute protection and therefore you hereby declare that you have entered the required information site at your own risk and that the Ministry Raz investigations and / or his representative shall not be liable for any use of information The information you submit on the site, including the use of information it by third parties.

Payment is done through PayPal site and responsibility. All your financial details are not delivered to the office Raz investigations.

Ministry Raz investigations promise not to use your information listed on the website but needs making the purchase only.

Ministry Raz investigations may occasionally send you promotional information via e-mail on his behalf. It is clarified that you refuse to accept advertising information both timely register on the site, and whether then sending an email to and Raz Investigations Department undertakes to remove you from the mailing list within seven working days of receipt of the electronic mail message.


Law and jurisdiction

Interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and / or any action or dispute arising from or from the site, do the laws of the State of Israel and clarified if necessary, the competent courts in Rishon Lezion, only.


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