Raz Investigations Office was established in 1995 – by Eyal thought LL.B degree in Law , who runs the office ever since.
The Firm is licensed to the Ministry of Justice , a member of the World WAD researchers and private investigators Bureau Israel .

The firm deals with a variety of investigations , although most of his work and reputation is at the bureau in personal status ( divorce ) , this area was chosen on – by business magazine ” The Marker ” leading firm in Israel.

The firm is known quality investigations it performs and solving problems that often failed in the past, discreet office milestone Raz investigations , that many customers will testify from ” celebrities ” .

Common denominator is the personal management of the deer felt the investigation files , trained as a lawyer and certified mediator contributes to the final result files.

Eyal thought the office manager , known someone who writes a weekly column on matters of investigations in several newspapers. Previously filed breakfast nook weekly programs on Channel 2 and Channel 10. Viewing and is considered a popular lecturer.
He also wrote three books , the first ” private investigator ‘s desk ” was released in two editions and was a great success . Other “secrets” of a private investigator , has recently been released and immediately received wide acclaim and display windows of a network ” node books.” The third ” fly on the wall ” was recently and immediately won also showcase network “nodes Books ” , the book sold these days. Currently serves regular spot in matters of private investigation Local Radio .