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Raz Investigations was established in 1995 by Eyal Sbaro, a lawyer, who has been running the firm ever since. The firm operates under the license of the Ministry of Justice and is a member of WAD, the World Association of Detectives.
The firm engages in a variety of investigations, although the major part of its work and its reputation are related to the field of personal status (divorce). The firm was named by “TheMarker” business magazine Israel’s leading firm in this field.
The firm is known for the quality of the investigations it performs and in solving problems, which often remained unresolved in the past. Discretion is one of the firm’s major milestones and its many celebrity clients will attest to that. Adv. Sbaro handles the investigation cases himself and uses his legal education as well as his expertise in family laws and mediation to achieve the best results for the clients.
Eyal holds an LL.B degree in Law and is known for his weekly column that is published in several newspapers. He also had a weekly segment in the morning talk shows of Channel 2 and 10 and is a popular lecturer.
Eyal is the author of 3 successful books. The first of which, From the Desk of a Private Investigator, was published in two editions and achieved great success. The second book, Secrets from a Private Investigator, was published recently and immediately received wide acclaim and was promoted on the window display of one of Israel’s leading book chain store. The third book, A Fly on the Wall, was also published recently and is promoted and sold nowadays. Eyal currently serves a weekly segment on private investigations on the local radio.

Services and Capabilities

Matrimonial (Divorce)

Divorce Case management is not a trivial matter that involves the way – all in liquidation sharing, visitation rights, child support and … lots and lots of emotion. Divorce portfolio construction requires a good strategy that will lead you to victory “campaign, which sometimes reaches levels that no one expects them to advance.


Investigations in this field allows us to provide prior information about the subject of the investigation. These investigations include: examination of the nature, direction, financial condition and reliability is the subject of the investigation. In addition, we conduct credible investigations for businesses and companies

Finding funds and property

Deals investigations office Raz financial investigations aimed at creating a detailed profile of the subject of the investigation. Profile includes: funds accumulated assets, property, vehicles registered, owned and managed companies, bank accounts and income sources both overt and covert. All this – to make the divorce proceedings, tax collection and expenditure – carried out to be useful.

Technical resources

Raz office investigations will be addressed the most advanced technical means available in the market. Postcards cameras, hidden cameras, wiretapping detection tests, polygraph tests, and more.

Why Raz Investigations?

Private investigator with over 20 years of experience
Adv. Eyal Sbaro started his career in the field of private investigations in 1992. With over 20 years of experience and under his leadership, Raz Investigations has become an expert in the field. The firm’s team possesses an extensive knowledge of all the aspects of private investigations. This long-term experience of working with private clients is a valuable asset that benefits the firm’s clients.

Legal education with family law expertise
Adv. Eyal Sbaro, who holds an LL.B degree in Law, completed his internship in family laws. His experience includes numerous divorce cases he handled, using his private investigation skills and his extensive legal knowledge in the bits and pieces of family laws. This is a major advantage for any couple who is going through divorce proceedings, including dissolution of partnership, child support, and much distress. This is the time and the place to use the services of a private investigator who is an expert in the field, as Adv. Sbaro.

Great success in managing complex divorce cases
After many years of experience in the field of family laws as a private investigator, numerous satisfied client and successful legal battles he took part in as a private investigator, this experience is undoubtedly at your service as new clients. Adv. Sbaro handled complex cases, including investigations abroad, proofs of “curtain raising”, proofs of “illegal income”, and gained an in-depth experience that you can benefit from.

Highly professional and credible team of experts
There are quite a few investigation firms in Israel and even more investigators. Investigation firms usually work with subcontractors who work with a few firms at the same time. This is not wrong, but due to the discretion of the investigations, Raz Investigations has decided to hire investigators who work full time for the firm alone. Our investigators are sensitive to information and discretion and conform to high standards in handling divorce and other cases. The team relates to the firm as “family” that sees the benefit of its clients above all.

Personal guidance from the consultation stage to the completion of the divorce proceedings
At Raz Investigations, you will have the personal guidance of Adv. Sbaro, as of the initial consultation stage, through updates regarding the case, to the completion of the case. The firm provides its clients with valuable experience, know-how and strategic management.

One of the writers of the Private Investigator Ethical Code
Adv. Sbaro was one of a small team of investigators, lawyers and representatives of the Ministry of Justice, which wrote the ethical code for the private investigator in Israel. The code was accepted through a long process by the Israel Private Investigator Bureau and by the Committee for the Licensing of Private Investigators of the Ministry of Justice, and became a milestone for all those who engage in the field of private investigations in Israel.

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