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Divorce Case management is not a trivial matter that involves the way – all in liquidation sharing, visitation rights , child support and … lots and lots of emotion.

Divorce portfolio construction requires a good strategy that will lead you to victory ” campaign , which sometimes reaches levels that no one expects them to advance.

Reputation gained Eyal felt a firm managing portfolios of his clients went away. A good number of ” celebrities ” to its customers , not to .

There is no doubt that being a director Eyal thought the owner of the firm LL.B degree in Law and a certified mediator adds value to portfolio management director divorce them himself.

For most of these cases comes to the mouth of the rabbinical court wow family court . Another legal opinion is never harmful ! ! !

In order to get proper advice divorce proceeding where you are, or want to open , we believe that it will be done Sihat grabbed the phone ” but a long consultation meeting , where we will get the full information that will help us build a proper strategy that will lead to the extraction procedure, your benefit of course!

Many tools , even more capabilities , experience and our time at your disposal, you can do so by appointment at your own convenience and complete discretion .